The Last Uncompleted Dream of Olivier Giroud

In an interview with the Guardian, Olivier Giroud argued that his last dream in the football playing career is winning the Premiere League.

A forward of club Chelsea and France national football team, one talked about Olivier’s World Cup pre-eminent performances, looking into how he could tide over mock from France fans and how to play the role of fringe player in patient. It has been five months that Olivier Giroud is struggling to accept the fact at the Russia World Cup this summer. He has to understand that he is a winner of World Cup. He was shocked by the fact. It is obvious that footballers of France squad crawled down in the middle of July while over 50% compatriots sang by Champs Élysées.

When air force jets hovered over their heads trailing red, he felt “like a rock star”. One day, he will receive a replica of the trophy and take photos with his daughter jade amid ticker tape and pyrotechnics at the Luzhniki. From time to time, a conversation will occur on a Chelsea bus when they try to get themselves out a midweek defeat. Some football players like Eden Hazard, Antonio Rüdiger, Mateo Kovacic and Giroud were considering the consequence and its hidden meanings in winning the title.

France Football Shirt

The teammate Rüdi mocked at him and said, “Since having won a World Cup, there is no need to care something. What else trophies are more important than World Cup?” Perhaps some people appraised me differently, because he is a winner of World Cup. But he believes that football could be seen as an everlasting new starts. One could not rest on one’s laurels and a new opportunity to prove oneself is necessary for an outstanding football player.

However, there was no time for them to sit together and talked all matters. When you were enjoying festivities for several weeks, we went back to Istra one hour later. Although we spent quality time with families, but it was not relaxed without the great honour. I was not crazy. It seemed that I have reached the peak of football playing career after having witnessed jets hovering over my head. Then he spent a 19-days holiday. Each person steps forward various directions. After the holiday, then they went back to play other competitions.

What most people having noticed was its effect on France. Attacks occurred in 2015 while the player also knew about then problems. The French squad united together for a period. Football enables most people to get together. Most people took to streets to celebrate the exciting victory, forgetting their concerns. In wartime, it is a united nation, and they have experienced hard times together. The impact of unity is obvious on society in France.

It seemed like that Giroud would become the most popular football player of the year no other.

In retrospect to last Christmas, his contract at Arsenal would expire six months later. Considering above factors, Chelsea provided him with an opportunity to play an important role. In the mean time, he also could enjoy “London Life”.


2018~2019 New France Home Football Kit

Before the 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup, Nike collaborating with French Football Federation (FFF) released the new kit for France national team. This new kit would be worn by Frenches to compete against rivalries in World Cup and brought them a great luck to win the championship.

As always, the team wears blue home shirt, which results in the fame of “Le Bleus”. The color is a traditional option for most team in France, for example, PSG kit in the new season is also blue. The dark blue, predominant color of the shirt, is reminiscent of the France national flag which contains the blue signifying liberty. It is not only an intention to gift the shirt a country identity by using the blue, but also an bless hoping these warriors to run as freely as possible on the pitch.

The shoulders and sleeves are light blue, bringing a bright tone to the whole shirt and balancing the shade of the main body. At the splice of the sleeve and the body, exactly the interim from dark to light, the shirt utilized a subtly design to smooth the change. Dark blue Capillary lines of various length with the surround of halftone are inlaid into the opposite part. This exquisite design imparts the principle that holding the tradition and dynamism in equal esteem.

French have a strong patriotism. For 2018, the kit draws color from the flag to express their proud of the nation. “The way the French express patriotism is through the flag and we wanted to celebrate how the bleu, blanc and rouge brings people together,” explains Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director.

The patriotism is conveyed in the form of elegance as well. Elegance is always a theme in France. It has already been ingrained into french culture, art, life and also sports. Sophisticated placket collar of the new shirt witnesses an elegant flare on the pitch. A button embossed with the national motto, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.” is embroidered on the collar, prominently combining the emotions and appeals of a French.

A tricolor stripe, similar to a mini flag, is embedded into the collar at the back. Inside the neck is a slogan “Nos Differences Nous Unissent”, which means “our diversity unites us”. To eulogize the various cultures are well integrated as a fusion in both the team and country, the slogan is putted into a hexagon which is the graphic pattern of French territory.

The new jersey is weaved by fabric equipped with the technology of Vaporknit. The new technology changes structure of the shirt which can improve the athletes’ speed without decreasing the sense of the beauty. The visible meshes at the chest and back are distributed according to the precise data of heat radiation and perspiration to provide best breathability. These mashes will create a better permeability and ventilation environment. Porous textile can wick the sweat easily and quickly away from skin, keeping body dry and prevent from cling, providing a comfortable sense for players in drastically exercise.

France 2018 World Cup Away Shirt

With the upcoming 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup, Nike and the French Football Federation (FFF) jointly launched the new home and away jerseys for France national team in March 2018. Players of “Les Bleus(Blue)”, the nickname of the national squad, will put on the brand new football shirts to play games in Russia. The combination of elegance and innovation brings a new look to the team and shows the team’s elegant playing style.

In France, the national team represents an important existence and its nickname “Les Bleus” also reflects a vivid French character. It is the team that combines tradition and vitality.

A few people, wearing the newly released France national shirts, took a publicity photo, including France national team players( Kylian Mbappé, Ousmane Dembelé, Samuel Umtiti and Sakina Karchaoui), designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, singer Niska and actress Oulaya Amamra. The photo shows a new character of France national team—simple, united and limitless.

The design of shirts for France national team upholds cultural diversity and continues the tradition of the team. Pete Hoppins, senior design director of Nike’s football apparel, said: “Frenchmen express their patriotic sentiments through the national flag. We hope to show blue, white, and red in football shirts and hope the colors can bring people together. ”

The away shirt 2018 is predominately white with blue and red short lines. There is a three-colored stripe at the back of the collar and a slogan ““Nos Differences Nous Unissent(Our differences unite us)” is printed inside of the collar to promote the diversity of culture. Redesigned player’s name and number printed on the shirt aims to pay tribute to French architecture.

The team badge on the chest is much lighter than former one, and is the most breathable team logo. Shorts remove the outer seams, reducing friction and increasing the freedom of movement.

Most noticeably, the latest Vaporknit fabric and mesh holes ensure players in motion become cool and dry.

On 28 March 2018, France national team played a warm-up game against Russia national team. Player Paul Pogba performed well and helped France win the game.

Born on 15 March 1993, Paul Pogba is a professional French midfielder who plays for Premier League club Manchester United and France national team. The excellent player helped Man Utd get the titles of EFL Cup and UEFA Europa League in the 2016-17 season. He also gets a few individual awards, including FIFA U-20 World Cup Golden Ball and Golden Boy in 2013, FIFA World Cup Best Young Player award and Bravo Award in 2014.

Although Pogba is an outstanding footballer, there is the contradiction between him and Manchester United head coach Jose Mourinho who doesn’t think Pogba respect him enough. Therefore, the young player doesn’t have opportunities to play games for a long time. Fortunately, Pogba can play games for France national team recently and looks happy. It is not easy for him to behave happily when he can’t play or perform poorly for the club.

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France 2015 Away Football Shirt

France national team is governed by French Football Federation (FFF) and represents France in international football. The team won 1998 World Cup, European Football Championship in 1984 and 2000, FIFA Confederations Cup in 2001 and 2003. Its team badge consists of the Gallic rooster, one five-pointed star, “FRANCE” and “FFF”. The Gallic rooster was given vigilance and courageousness by the French. It is an unofficial national symbol of France, representing France as a State. The rooster is also the symbol of the Wallonia region and the French Community of Belgium. The star represents the championship of the World Cup.

The home soccer match jersey of France national team is traditionally blue, so the team is colloquially known as Les Bleus (The Blues).

In 2015, Nike and French Football Federation (FFF) jointly unveiled new France Away Shirt. The design of the new shirt shows a sense of national pride and well-known elegance of France national team with unique charm and unpredictable performance.

This away jersey is predominately white in color. These indistinct stripes come from the classic Marinière. The team badge is embroidered on the chest to show respect for the country and French football and symbolize players’ wish of feeling the great history of the nation. Nike Swoosh is another necessary element to be shown on each match jersey for easy brand recognition.

French national flag is woven into the inside of the collar highlighting the sense of national pride. Red stripe is put on both sides of the body and extends down the shorts. When players are running on football fields, the two breathable stripes can keep them cool and dry.

Blue shorts also have two breathable stripes on both sides. There are six navy blue stripes on white socks.

The colors shown on this away kit are from France national team, which pays homage to the nation.

This away jersey offers a perfect fit thanks to the V neck and short sleeves, along with Nike Dri-Fit technology to help wick moisture away from the skin to keep players dry and comfortable. In addition, its fabric is made from cotton and recycled polyester, thus the shirt becomes much softer and lighter than previous shirts.

All football shirts produced by Nike not only show unmatched design details but also reduce the impact on environment in manufacturing processes.

With the advanced football jersey, players of France national team can perform better and run more freely.

Stade de France is the home stadium of the national team with a capacity of 81,338 making it the sixth-largest stadium in Europe. The stadium was built for 1998 France FIFA World Cup and France won the World Cup for the first time in this year. That was a big success for whole France.

Furthermore, Stade de France had witnessed Zinedine Zidane’s last battle. He has played a hundred games for the national team and ended his sports career as a footballer in the stadium. He marked an era in world football with his elegance and technical skills. The football legend, currently, works as the first team manager of Real Madrid. In 2007, he got The Best FIFA Men’s Coach award.

Good France 2016 Home Football Shirt

European Football Championship 2016 was held in France. French Football Federation (FFF), together with Nike, jointly released the home and away shirts for the team to participate in the sporting event.

Nike AeroSwift technology is used to produce the match jerseys so as to help players concentrate completely on games and perform best on football pitches.

The new France football shirt is predominately blue like traditional home shirts of France national team. The shoulders and sleeved are dark blue in contrast to the main part, which shows the exquisite and unique design. France team badge is printed proudly on the chest. The Gallic rooster included in the badge is a symbol of France which symbolizes vigilance and courageousness. Meanwhile, it encourages players to fight for the country. For easy brand recognition, Nike Swoosh must be shown on each product it has manufactured. Geometric graphic structure on the chest enhances the comfort of the shirt that is made by special craftsmanship. Besides, the small grid area also brings an extra cool feeling.

There are several elements showing respect for the nation.

“France” is knitted on the back of collar. “Fierte(Pride)”and “Bleu(Blue)” are separately printed on the different inside of the sleeves. The hexagon pattern, inside the jersey, shows that France is a diversified country. All design details embody the honor for the country.

Both sides of the jersey have black stripes, which extend down the jersey and connect with the stripes on both sides of the pants in order to provide good air permeability for players in motion.

Players of the national team, including Blaise Matuidi, Raphaël Varane and Anthony Martial, would wear the match shirt to try their best to win more titles.

Blaise Matuidi (born on 9 April 1987) is a French professional footballer who plays for Serie A club Juventus and France national team. Matuidi is described as a “fierce and strong tackler” thanks to his strong defensive ability. He is famous for his energy and tactical intelligence. As a versatile footballer, Matuidi is capable of playing in several midfield positions, not only as a midfielder. His movement on football pitch and ability to make effective attacking runs allows him to contribute to his team’s offensive play. He often creates space for his teammates.

Raphaël Varane is a centre-back for Spanish club Real Madrid and France national team. As soon as Varane transferred to Real Madrid, he was highly appreciated by the former chief coach José Mourinho, which was almost impossible for an unknown young footballer. However, Varane appeared nine times for Real Madrid and scored one goal for the club in 2011-12 season. Next year, he played matches in the league, Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League.

Real Madrid officially announced that they wanted Varane to play for the club all the time.

Varane has the potential to be better than Real Madrid legend Fernando Hierro. He will be stronger and faster.

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Great France Home Shirt 2014

France, officially the French Republic, is a developed country whose territory is made up of metropolitan France in western Europe. There are nine national parks and 46 natural parks in France.

The country has long been a global centre of art, science, and philosophy. It hosts Europe’s third-largest number of cultural UNESCO World Heritage Sites and receives around 83 million foreign tourists annually, the most of any country in the world.

In addition to art, science, and philosophy, France is also a country that started football earlier in Europe and participated in the World Cup and the European Football Championship. At the same time, it started to rise in the 1950s.

The French Football Federation (FFF) was founded in 1919 and is based in the capital, Paris. The FFF joined FIFA in 1907 and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the game of football in France, both professional and amateur. France national team is one of the excellent football teams all over the world and well known for its both offensive and defensive football style. It is governed by the French Football Federation and represents France in international football. The team won 1998 World Cup, European Football Championship in 1984 and 2000, FIFA Confederations Cup in 2001 and 2003.

France has hosted events such as the 1938 and 1998 FIFA World Cups, and the 2007 Rugby World Cup. The country also hosted UEFA Euro 2016. The football jerseys or kits are particularly popular among big football fans. There are lots of loyal football fans in France. They often buy France football shirts to show their support and respect for the team.

This is the home shirt designed and manufactured by Nike. Players wore it in 2014 World Cup. The well-designed shirt combines innovative technologies and meaningful details showing completely the features of France and national pride.

The fabric of the home shirt was inspired by the city of Nimes, France, which is know for denim. Designers did their best to show the special fabric on the collar.

The home shirt features a white collar and blue body part. The exquisite team badge is printed proudly on the chest and France national flag is knitted inside of the collar.

Traditional white shorts and red socks complete the home kit.

Not only the shirt but also shorts have breathable mesh. Nike Dri-FIT technology can absorb sweat from the body to the shirt and the shorts, then sweat can quickly evaporate so as to keep players dry and comfortable.

The design of the shirt also reflects Nike’s idea of environmental protection. They manufacture each shirt by 16 recycled bottles. Nike has diverted more than three billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester, enough to cover about 5,200 football pitches.

In order to design the most comfortable match kit for each player, designers of Nike asked several famous players from France national team. Martin Lotti, chief creative officer of Nike, recalled:“When we asked some footballers what kind of protection they needed during the race, they showed us the scars and bruises. Therefore, we design football kit that can protect them well, meanwhile, we make sure of both lightness and breathability.”