2018~2019 New France Home Football Kit

Before the 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup, Nike collaborating with French Football Federation (FFF) released the new kit for France national team. This new kit would be worn by Frenches to compete against rivalries in World Cup and brought them a great luck to win the championship.

As always, the team wears blue home shirt, which results in the fame of “Le Bleus”. The color is a traditional option for most team in France, for example, PSG kit in the new season is also blue. The dark blue, predominant color of the shirt, is reminiscent of the France national flag which contains the blue signifying liberty. It is not only an intention to gift the shirt a country identity by using the blue, but also an bless hoping these warriors to run as freely as possible on the pitch.

The shoulders and sleeves are light blue, bringing a bright tone to the whole shirt and balancing the shade of the main body. At the splice of the sleeve and the body, exactly the interim from dark to light, the shirt utilized a subtly design to smooth the change. Dark blue Capillary lines of various length with the surround of halftone are inlaid into the opposite part. This exquisite design imparts the principle that holding the tradition and dynamism in equal esteem.

French have a strong patriotism. For 2018, the kit draws color from the flag to express their proud of the nation. “The way the French express patriotism is through the flag and we wanted to celebrate how the bleu, blanc and rouge brings people together,” explains Pete Hoppins, Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director.

The patriotism is conveyed in the form of elegance as well. Elegance is always a theme in France. It has already been ingrained into french culture, art, life and also sports. Sophisticated placket collar of the new shirt witnesses an elegant flare on the pitch. A button embossed with the national motto, “Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité.” is embroidered on the collar, prominently combining the emotions and appeals of a French.

A tricolor stripe, similar to a mini flag, is embedded into the collar at the back. Inside the neck is a slogan “Nos Differences Nous Unissent”, which means “our diversity unites us”. To eulogize the various cultures are well integrated as a fusion in both the team and country, the slogan is putted into a hexagon which is the graphic pattern of French territory.

The new jersey is weaved by fabric equipped with the technology of Vaporknit. The new technology changes structure of the shirt which can improve the athletes’ speed without decreasing the sense of the beauty. The visible meshes at the chest and back are distributed according to the precise data of heat radiation and perspiration to provide best breathability. These mashes will create a better permeability and ventilation environment. Porous textile can wick the sweat easily and quickly away from skin, keeping body dry and prevent from cling, providing a comfortable sense for players in drastically exercise.

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