The Last Uncompleted Dream of Olivier Giroud

In an interview with the Guardian, Olivier Giroud argued that his last dream in the football playing career is winning the Premiere League.

A forward of club Chelsea and France national football team, one talked about Olivier’s World Cup pre-eminent performances, looking into how he could tide over mock from France fans and how to play the role of fringe player in patient. It has been five months that Olivier Giroud is struggling to accept the fact at the Russia World Cup this summer. He has to understand that he is a winner of World Cup. He was shocked by the fact. It is obvious that footballers of France squad crawled down in the middle of July while over 50% compatriots sang by Champs Élysées.

When air force jets hovered over their heads trailing red, he felt “like a rock star”. One day, he will receive a replica of the trophy and take photos with his daughter jade amid ticker tape and pyrotechnics at the Luzhniki. From time to time, a conversation will occur on a Chelsea bus when they try to get themselves out a midweek defeat. Some football players like Eden Hazard, Antonio Rüdiger, Mateo Kovacic and Giroud were considering the consequence and its hidden meanings in winning the title.

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The teammate Rüdi mocked at him and said, “Since having won a World Cup, there is no need to care something. What else trophies are more important than World Cup?” Perhaps some people appraised me differently, because he is a winner of World Cup. But he believes that football could be seen as an everlasting new starts. One could not rest on one’s laurels and a new opportunity to prove oneself is necessary for an outstanding football player.

However, there was no time for them to sit together and talked all matters. When you were enjoying festivities for several weeks, we went back to Istra one hour later. Although we spent quality time with families, but it was not relaxed without the great honour. I was not crazy. It seemed that I have reached the peak of football playing career after having witnessed jets hovering over my head. Then he spent a 19-days holiday. Each person steps forward various directions. After the holiday, then they went back to play other competitions.

What most people having noticed was its effect on France. Attacks occurred in 2015 while the player also knew about then problems. The French squad united together for a period. Football enables most people to get together. Most people took to streets to celebrate the exciting victory, forgetting their concerns. In wartime, it is a united nation, and they have experienced hard times together. The impact of unity is obvious on society in France.

It seemed like that Giroud would become the most popular football player of the year no other.

In retrospect to last Christmas, his contract at Arsenal would expire six months later. Considering above factors, Chelsea provided him with an opportunity to play an important role. In the mean time, he also could enjoy “London Life”.