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                air cooler is a new energy efficient cooling and humidifying equipment, is very market prospects of the industry, and environmental wind wholeheartedly welcome people with lofty ideals in the world to come to join cooperation!......



                Cold air machine professional manufacturer, Zhuji City Tower and wind cooling machine factory located along the southeast coast of China, the beautiful Xishiguli - Zhuji, grass tower Industrial Zone (cold air machine production base), the transportation is convenient. Hang gold, Hang Jin Qu Expressway Crossing over, 15 kilometers away from the Zhejiang Jiangxi railway, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is only 60 kilometers.


                Zhuji Caota Hefeng Cold Air Machine Factory

                Tel: +86 0575-87076679
                National hotline: 400-826-5679
                Fax: +86 0575-87076679
                Zip: 311812
                Website: www.zjhefeng.cn
                Address:Zhejiang Zhuji Paitou Town Station Road (former train station)